NEC Elections

branch-squareThe NEC elections give you an opportunity to elect a leadership that will ensure UNISON uses its full weight in the interests of members. Branches need a fair share of the union's resources and need to know we have the backing of the leadership when we have to take action in defence of pay, jobs or services.
The ballot opens on 4 May 2021 and runs until 27 May 2021.
Ballot papers will be sent to members' homes and will include a pre-paid envelope for the return of the ballot paper to the Independent Scrutineer. All voting will be by post.
The results will be announced on 11 June 2021.

Elections often have a low turnout; please ensure that you vote in these important elections.

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The fight goes on for fairness in social care

branch-squareLast week's Supreme Court ruling failed to establish that care workers should be paid the national minimum wage for every hour of their sleep-in shifts.

UNISON will continue campaigning with renewed vigour for the major reform that the care sector so desperately needs.

UNISON needs as many people as possible to support this campaign – please follow the links below for further information and sign the petition.

Read the general secretary's blog

Read the Q&A on what this judgment means for care workers

Sign the petition calling for carers to be paid every hour


Press Release - Nottingham City Council Cuts to Jobs and Services


branch-squareThe following Press Release has been issued today - 8 March 2021

The devastation that a decade of Tory austerity has inflicted upon local authorities has come home to roost in Nottingham.  The requirement to make a total of £271m in budget savings since 2010 has resulted in an estimated loss of over 1,000 City Council jobs over the last ten years, within an additional 600 jobs being cut in the last few months alone.

Despite the government’s promise to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with local authorities during the pandemic, the Tories’ wilful neglect of local government has come into sharp relief within the last year as Nottingham City Council is still waiting to be reimbursed for nearly £26m in COVID-19 response costs.   Nottingham City Council’s resources have been stretched to breaking point, resulting in today’s regrettable budget proposal to make further cuts to jobs and services.

If the money wasted giving contracts to inept private companies with close connections to the Tory establishment during the pandemic had been redirected to local authorities, council services could have been greatly enhanced in the fight against COVID-19 during the past year. 

UNISON, Unite and GMB call upon the government to reimburse all COVID-19 related expenditure to Nottingham City Council as a matter of urgency and deliver a fair model of funding to local authorities based upon need.


Save Our Services: A Better Deal For Nottingham

branch-squareSince 2013 the Government has reduced funding to Nottingham City Council by over £101million! Now due to budget cuts and broken promises the council is considering brutal cuts to public services that will affect everyone who lives or works in Nottingham.

The £15.6million package of budget cuts include cuts to children's services, including the disbanding of the Missing Children's Team – reducing protection for our most vulnerable children. Closure of the John Carroll Leisure Centre and Summerwood Adult Day Centre. And cutting Community Protection Services - making Nottingham less safe.

Boris Johnson has said he wants the country to Build Back Better but government cuts to councils across England make that impossible! That is why we're calling on Nottingham Councillors and MPs to stand together to Save our Services and demand a Better Deal for Nottingham.

Please follow this link to see a set of case studies detailing the cuts in Nottingham city pdfJoint TU Case Studies in Response to NCC Budget Feb 21

Please write to your local councillor and MP objecting to these cuts. Here's a link to the template letter you can send


Cuts to Jobs and Services at Nottingham City Council

branch-squareOn 19th January, Nottingham City Council announced a further round of cuts to jobs and services amounting to £15.6M, with the threat of even more to come. As well as placing increased pressure on the Council workforce, the proposed cuts will directly impact some of the most disadvantaged communities and citizens in Nottingham,

Join us on the 22nd February for an online joint briefing hosted by UNISON, Unite and GMB and hear how you can join our campaign to oppose these cuts to jobs and services.

Further details and the link to the meetings can be found here Joint TU Members Meeting


Exit Payment Cap

branch-squareGovernment rethink will bring relief to millions of public sector workers

UNISON and other unions made a legal challenge that was due to be heard in a few weeks. However, just as we were finalising our evidence, the government backed down.

The government says that it has disapplied the regulations, with a view to revoking them completely, because it may have had 'unintended consequences'.

This is great news for members, further details can be found in the link below:-


Annual General Meeting Newsletter

branch-squarePlease follow the link below to read our AGM 2021 Branch Newsletter which includes:-

- Update from Branch Secretary
- Covid-19 Response Fund
- Notice of AGM – 9th March 2021
- Branch Nominations
- Message to Retired Members
- Update from Private, Voluntary & Independent Sector Organiser
- Expressions of interest for the National Delegate & Local Government Conferences

Please note that nominations, motions and expressions of interest for the conferences should be sent to the branch (ideally by email) by 25 January 2021.

pdfAGM Newsletter January 2021

pdfAGM Nomination Form 2021

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