Sports Direct Shame: Email Your MP

branch-squareSports Direct has been splashed across the headlines: "Victorian conditions"; "treating workers as commodities" not human beings: these were the findings of a cross-party committee of MPs who were looking at working practices at Sports Direct.

Sports Direct is a shocking example of a wider trend in the UK economy: the growth in low-paid, insecure work. When workers feel unable to challenge conditions, on fear of losing work,
abuse, sexism and xenophobia can become entrenched.

Please email your MP today to demand they act to End Precarious Contracts and Stand with Migrant Workers.

The referendum has given space to appalling racism and xenophobia. Migrant workers face both the insecurity of a precarious contract and also uncertainty about their future. We must Stand With Migrant Workers and oppose any race to the bottom on labour standards. Big business sees Brexit as an opportunity to weaken the rights of workers, especially migrant workers. We must not let this happen.

Please email your MP and Stand with Migrant Workers

Women and migrant workers face the worst abuse. At Sports Direct new women workers were refered to as "fresh meat"; one
pregnant worker was so afraid of losing her job that she came into work after starting labour. She gave birth in the toilet of the warehouse.

War on Want has always stood in solidarity with workers, around the world, who face intimidation and retaliation for organising into trade unions. Today, migrant workers across the UK face prejudice, abuse and exploitation so we must stand for justice.

We must demand our MPs End Precarious Contracts and Stand with Migrant Workers.

Thank-you for your support

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