UNISON Accepts LGA's Pay Offer

pay-squareUNISON has accepted the Local Government Association's two-year pay offer covering the period April 2018 – March 2020.

The key features of the pay offer are:

  • 16% pay increase for those currently on the lowest scale point (scp) 6 over two years
  • pay increase of between 15% and 4.3% for those on current scp's 7 – 28
  • 4.04% over two years for those above current scp 29 – including those above scp 49
  • new pay spine from 2019, with new scale points 1-43 and even 2% pay gaps between scp's 6-28

What does this mean for you?

Each employer will have their own grading structure, so the offer will need to be applied to your local situation. Your UNISON branch and paid officials will make sure that every employer fully implements the offer.

What happens next?

We want your pay rise to get to you as quickly as possible. The Local Government Association have been notified of UNISON's decision to accept the pay offer. We are meeting with the other unions (GMB and Unite) to agree and hopefully align our position this week - then the offer can be formally accepted and implemented.

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