Press Release - Nottingham City Council Cuts to Jobs and Services


branch-squareThe following Press Release has been issued today - 8 March 2021

The devastation that a decade of Tory austerity has inflicted upon local authorities has come home to roost in Nottingham.  The requirement to make a total of £271m in budget savings since 2010 has resulted in an estimated loss of over 1,000 City Council jobs over the last ten years, within an additional 600 jobs being cut in the last few months alone.

Despite the government’s promise to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with local authorities during the pandemic, the Tories’ wilful neglect of local government has come into sharp relief within the last year as Nottingham City Council is still waiting to be reimbursed for nearly £26m in COVID-19 response costs.   Nottingham City Council’s resources have been stretched to breaking point, resulting in today’s regrettable budget proposal to make further cuts to jobs and services.

If the money wasted giving contracts to inept private companies with close connections to the Tory establishment during the pandemic had been redirected to local authorities, council services could have been greatly enhanced in the fight against COVID-19 during the past year. 

UNISON, Unite and GMB call upon the government to reimburse all COVID-19 related expenditure to Nottingham City Council as a matter of urgency and deliver a fair model of funding to local authorities based upon need.


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