UNISON has submitted a pay claim for council and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and we have launched our campaign for a decent pay rise. We are asking for a wage increase of £3,000* or 10%, whichever would be greater for you. This would make a real difference in starting to get your pay back to where it needs to be.

There are 3 things you can do to play your part in the Pay Campaign:-


Check and update your data

It’s so important that we have the right information in your membership record – if even the slightest detail is incorrect or out of date, you may miss out on the latest news on your pay or, in the event of a ballot, you may not get your voting papers straight away.

It takes just 5 minutes to check your details via MyUNISON  Visit MyUNISON


Contact your councillor

Local councillors can voice their support for this pay rise, raising the issue directly with local government employers and demanding that they provide the pay rise school and council workers so desperately need.
We have produced a simple email template that you can send to your local councillor

Email your councillor


Demand more funding for local councils

The dire financial situation many councils currently face may make this pay claim feel unlikely – but it is achievable. Proper, sustained funding from central government will allow for secure, quality public services and decent pay for workers like you who provide them.
Use our template email to ask your Westminster MP to add their voice to our campaign for more council funding.  

Write to your MP


For more information about our campaign for improving council and school worker pay please visit the webpage